Does it cost money for an estimate?
All Estimates are FREE of charge reguarding tree work. The only time we charge is when a Certified Arborist comes out to do an formal tree evaluation. An evaluation is a formal write up or assessment of a tree or number of trees on a property that may or may not result in any further tree services to be performed. An estimate is a proposal that is given to our customers that can result in tree services to be performed upon approval of the work.
How long does it take to receive an estimate?
It usually takes approximately 1-3 business days to receive an estimate. This of course depends on how busy we are. Our Arborist on staff, or the owner himself, Steve Boersma will come out ASAP to address your needs. We appreciate your patience, and value all of our clients equally.
Are you licensed & insured?

Yes, we are fully insured and licensed to perform work in Michigan.

Our insurance agent will directly provide a copy of our insurance upon request. Also, for commercial work, we can add your company as additional insured. Feel free to request a Certificate of Insurance from our agent anytime. We are insured more than the average for liability and workman’s compensation insurance.

Do you top trees?

NO! Topping mature trees does not comply with proper trimming and pruning standards set fourth by the International Society Arbiculture. Shaping the crown or crown reduction is an acceptable practice on smaller ornamental trees for aesthetic purposes.

When is the best time to prune a tree?
Most routine pruning to remove weak, diseased, or dead limbs can be accomplished at any time during the year

with little effect on the tree. (Not including Oak and Elm trees) As a rule, growth and wound closure are maximized if pruning takes place before the

spring growth flush. Some trees, such as maples and birches, tend to “bleed” if pruned early in the spring. It may

be unsightly, but it is of little consequence to the tree.

A few tree diseases, such as Oak Wilt, and Dutch Elm can be spread when pruning wounds provide access to pathogens

(disease-causing agents). Susceptible trees (all Oaks and Elms) should not be pruned during active transmission periods. Primarily

in winter months once a frost is in the ground, and trees are completley dormant.

Heavy pruning of live tissue just after the spring growth flush should be avoided, especially on weak trees. At that

time, trees have just expended a great deal of energy to produce foliage and early shoot growth. Removal of a large

percentage of foliage at that time can stress the tree.

What about potential property damages?
The potential for damage is normally always there. However, our trained professionals will always take the time and the proper precautions
Why Did They Leave a Pile of Stump Grindings?
Grinding stumps is one of our services we contract out to a trusted local sub-contractor. Generally we do NOT haul your stump grindings. Our work orders will specify whether or not grindings will be hauled. Many customers are not aware of this detail. Stump grindings are the shavings (many call them) left over after the stump has been fully ground down below the surrounding grade.

There is usually a separate charge for the grindings to be hauled, versus backfilled and left in the hole. If the stump is large, there is a large pile of grindings left from the grinding. Please be sure to take note whether or not the estimator included grindings to be hauled or not.

Do You Haul all Wood & Debris
Yes, most of the time all wood and debris will be chipped up and/or hauled away.

The estimator will record otherwise if the wood stays, gets cut to firewood length, etc. Sometimes customers like keeping the limb wood, and have us haul the larger trunk wood.

Most of the time, all wood and debris are assumed to be hauled away, and a perfect clean up will be done.

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